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Our Perspective On Wine...

The subject is wine, the fermented juice of the grape, the nectar of Bacchus, a natural food.

Wine can be light and golden or dark and red. Some are best when fresh and young. Others evolve their most subtle flavors only at the hands of time.

It has been said there is not perfect wine. Thank goodness. For then our delightful journey would be over.

And it is this journey from grape to glass, that we are about.

Great wine is born in the vineyard, nurtured on the vine, and finished in a tradition tempered by skill and innovation.

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Generations of Tradition...

The Papagni family tradition of growing grapes for winemaking reaches back to Bari, Italy. Family members have passed down the art of grape growing from generation to generation.

The Papagni family have extended the grape growing traditions that started in Italy, to central California in 1912 and now to Madera, California.

The Papagni family dreamed of fine wines made from the San Joaquin Valley so they planted premium grape varieties, combining carefully monitored vineyards with the most modern technical advances in cultivation and irrigation with the ancient traditions that yield the finest of premium wines.

Relive the rich history!


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Make Our Wine At Home

papagni vineyard papagni winesVisit to find our fresh wine grapes and juices to make your very own wine at home or winery!

We're also part of the Madera Wine Trail.

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Weekends (Sat,Sun): 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Weedays (Mon - Fri): By Appointment Only

The tasting room at Papagni Wines embodies the elegance of the 21st Century contemporary styling, intertwined with the storied legacy of the winemaking.